function useHead<T extends MergeHead>
(input: UseHeadInput<T>, options: HeadEntryOptions = {}) : void

The useHead composable is the primary way to manage the head of the document at runtime.

Internally this uses the getActiveHead to access the Unhead instance, allowing you to use this function without referencing your head explicitly.


Add a page title and a meta description.

title: 'My Page',
meta: [
name: 'description',
content: 'My page description',


The second argument to useHead is the HeadEntryOptions.

export interface HeadEntryOptions {
mode?: RuntimeMode

This lets you specify which mode the head should be applied in.

By default, entries are rendered in both server and client. If you'd like to only use a specific mode you can set the mode option to either server or client.

If you intend to server render tags you should instead opt for the useServerHead composable.

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