function renderSSRHead<T extends {}>(head: Unhead<T>) : SSRHeadPayload
export interface SSRHeadPayload {
headTags: string
bodyTags: string
bodyTagsOpen: string
htmlAttrs: string
bodyAttrs: string

Render Unhead to a string that can be server side rendered.

This is useful for when you want to render the tags to a string that can be used in SSR.


import { createHead } from 'unhead'
import { renderSSRHead } from '@unhead/dom'
const head = createHead()
head.push({ title: 'Hello World '})
const { headTags, bodyTags, bodyTagsOpen, htmlAttrs, bodyAttrs } = renderSSRHead(head)
return `
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html ${htmlAttrs}>
<body ${bodyAttrs}>
<div id="app"></div>